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Small dashboard flocking

From £120

To help set fair prices, we have a lower price for small dashboard. For example; BMW Mini, Ford Escort MkI & MkII, Ford Capri, etc...

Medium dashboard flocking

From £90

We class a medium dashboard as most other cars where the dashboard isn't as deep as most of the modern cars.  For example;  Subaru Impreza (1993-2007), Honda Civic (upto 2005), Ford Mondeo MkI & MkII, etc...

Large dashboard flocking

From £120

Any deeper or taller car dashboards or van dashboards we class as large ones.  For example; Ford Focus, BMW 3 series / M3, 4x4s, vans, etc...


Small trim flocking

From £30

Flocking accent trims or trims that are subjected to a lot of wear and tear can create the perfect custom look or knock years off worn trim parts.

Engine cover flocking

From £20

We can even Flock external car parts that are subjected to heat and / or weather.  A great way to custom parts in a subtle, but yet stand out finish.

Metal flake flocking

From £20

One way to create the ultimate custom look is to choose our metal flake flock finished.  Perfect for interior trims where you want the metallic sparkle to give something a little more special.


Rally car door card flocking

From £25

Once you remove the heavy door card from a rally car, many people make custom replacements with a thin aluminium sheet.  These can be flocked to complete the professional motor sport look.

Headlining flocking

From £60

Whether it be a car, van or truck, flocking the headlining is a great way to make it look like new again, either in the same colour or something a little more custom.

Classic car and kit car flocking

From £20

Our flocking process is perfect for classic cars and kit cars giving trims and parts a new lease of life.  Above is a BMW 2002 inner glove box than a customer had that was badly scratched leaving him the options to either pay over the odds for a second hand replacement or to allow us to rub back and give the professional classic motor sport flocked finish.


Custom made trim flocking

From £20

You create your own custom trims and we can flock them to give them the professional motor sport finish.  The above pictures shows a Vauxhall Astra VXR A-pillar that was customised to fit a couple of extra gauges.  We then completed the preparation and give a perfect flocked finish.

Minor repairs prior to flocking

From £100 Repair and Flocking

Some parts only need a minor repair and the above dashboard was in that category.  The airbag had been activated and needed repairing to go into a VW Up rally car.  The repairs were made and the dashboard was flocked giving it a like new professional motor sport finish.

Major repairs prior to flocking

From £150 Repair and Flocking

Many parts for many cars are becoming more sought after and a Ford Escort RS Turbo dashboard is one of them.  The above dash was brought to us at the end of its life with major cracks and a large hole than someone created for an extra dial.  We carried out a full repair and gave it a perfect flocked finish making it like new again.


Retail displays

From £20

Away from the motor industry, flocking is another way to make a statement.  The picture above shows a two feet tall pineapple one of our customers required finishing with a shocking pink flock for a retail shop display.

Art displays

From £20

The perfectly consistent, but unique finish that flocking gives gave one of our customers the inspiration to have a typewriter flocked giving it the stand out look creating a great statement piece for their art exhibition.

Any other questions?

Price on application

We do offer many different flocking services in many different colours, so please feel free to use our "Contact us" page for any query you may have.